Be Not Afraid


Occupy is a mind-set–a recognition that our society has broken down, with corruption being the predominant characteristic of the two party bi-opoly, the federal government (all three branches), and the banking and corporate sectors where speculation and fraud have enriched the few at the expense of the many.

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Occupy is the first manifestation in the USA of Epoch B leadership “from below”.  As one Occupy activists has said, there are no visible leaders at the top because everyone is a leader from below–Occupy is a distributed networked community, not a hierarchical Epoch A organization.

Occupy is a global movement that dismisses political parties in power–and the banks and corporations that bribe politicians–as inherently corrupt.  Within the USA, it provides an inspiration for the 80% that are not on the two extremes–the Independents (43% or more of the eligible voters now), the accredited national parties excluded from politics by the two-party b-opoly, and the moderates from the two parties in power, moderates that have given up on their respective party having any integrity.

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